True assets
are born of purpose.

Sparrow Capital serves a collective of entrepreneurs, investors, cultural curators, and community leaders who are passionate about the vibrancy and resilience of our region. We acquire and operate commercial real estate assets, or partner with champions of other great projects, to accommodate inspired entrepreneurs and enrich the cultural and economic fabric of our city.

Our premise is that meaningful investment in community ecosystems, if approached strategically, results in resilient assets, superior investment performance, and rich community.

Each new Sparrow project is designed to test principles of this ecosystem approach to urban development. Ultimately we aim to demonstrate the market viability and scalability of these principles and shift paradigms about what is possible in the evolution of our urban landscape.

Projects & Case Studies
Since 2012, we've built a lucrative portfolio of commercial and multi-family properties in Edmonton and Calgary.
The Heavy Lifting
There are good partners and there are great partners. Over the past few years we have built an outstanding team.
Nest Building 101
Sparrow Capital projects are guided by a set of defined investment principles and acquisition criteria.

Flying in Formation

There is a certain collective intelligence that forms where transparency and collaboration are cherished as core values.

When we put a project together, our partners engage at each stage of the process, with clear reporting, joint decision-making, and a focus on education. It is important that our partners understand the key performance indicators for each project and the measures we will take to create value. All of our documentation and accounts are open book for our partners so that we can regularly evaluate progress as a team and make informed decisions.