About Sparrow

Sparrow Capital is a community of investors who think differently.

There are good partners and there are great partners. Over the past few years we have built an outstanding team.

The Monktrepreneur

Sparrow Capital was founded by Antoine Palmer, a former Hindu monk turned social entrepreneur & real estate investor.

True assets are born of purpose.

Sparrow Capital represents a small collective of community-oriented investors. We build and operate commercial real estate assets to accommodate inspired entrepreneurs and enrich the cultural fabric of our City.

Building on the foundation of a small but robust commercial portfolio, each new project is designed to test principles for curating culturally relevant tenants and designing spaces to serve the needs of the neighbourhood and stimulate economic innovation.

Our premise is that meaningful investment in community ecosystems, if approached strategically, will result in more resilient assets and superior investment performance. Demonstrating the market viability of these principles is key to scalability. Ultimately, we aim to shift paradigms about what is possible in the evolution of our urban landscape.

The Simple Things

The sparrow is not a flashy bird. It is not a peacock. It is not an eagle. It is devoid of pretense. And yet the sparrow is one of the world’s most successful animals, having learned to adapt and thrive in some of  the harshest environments on the planet.

Our focus is on investment, not speculation. We are not looking for the quick fix and we don’t just cross our fingers hoping that real estate prices will double in the short term. We seek properties in markets with robust economic fundamentals. We increase property values by securing excellent tenants and optimizing revenues and operating costs.

We’re in it for the long haul. We minimize transaction costs by purchasing properties with the intention to hold long term. And we select properties with strong cash-flow margins to provide a buffer against any volatility in the market. This approach gives us the ‘staying power’ we need to build real value patiently and consistently over time.

Clean and simple.

There is no great mystery. There is no complex formula. Just strong fundamentals, diligent management, rich relationships, clear communication, hard work, and patience are all we need to carry us through the cold winter months.

Flying in Formation

There is a certain collective intelligence that forms when transparency and collaboration are cherished as core values. There is also power in aligning ourselves with partners who share these values and share a passion for making a difference in our community.

When we put a project together, our partners engage at each stage of the process, with clear reporting, joint decision-making, and open book documentation and accounts. We seek to partner with people of principle and integrity and who are masters of flight in their own respect.

We are stronger together.