About Sparrow

Sparrow Capital is a community of investors who think differently.

We build projects together. We communicate with deep transparency and detailed reporting. We acquire properties with strong cashflow to hold for the long term. And we operate great spaces that enable local entrepreneurs.

There are good partners and there are great partners. Over the past few years we have built an outstanding team.

Keeping it simple also means keeping it LEAN. We've developed the Sparrow platform to minimize management costs while optimizing our portfolio performance.

The Monktrepreneur

Sparrow Capital was founded by Antoine Palmer, a former Hindu monk turned social entrepreneur & real estate investor.

What does a former monk do with the proceeds of a commercial real estate portfolio? How about co-founding the world's first green carnival and a vertical agriculture venture?

Your investments can mean something.

A few years ago, some Albertans came together to change their relationship with money. They were unhappy with the fate of their savings. They had been investing with confusion, even fear, into a slick and secretive black box designed by financial institutions. They didn’t know where their money went. They didn’t know what their money did. It had no connection to their neighbourhoods or their cities. They had no say, no control

These men and women wanted to invest differently. They wanted their savings to be more than numbers. They wanted their investments to build people, to build opportunities, to build spaces for businesses and communities to grow. And they wanted to do it together, openly and honestly, as a team.

Sparrow Capital evolved from this community of investors. We found our solution in a unique approach to commercial real estate with a focus on cash flow and careful management.

We purchase and manage commercial spaces that enable entrepreneurs in our cities to bring their ideas to life.

And by building a portfolio of cash-flowing commercial assets, we’ve created a foundation that provides us with greater freedom to pursue our passions and contribute in our communities.

The Simple Things

The sparrow is not a flashy bird. It is not a peacock. It is not an eagle. It is devoid of pretense. And yet the sparrow is one of the world’s most successful animals, having learned to adapt and thrive in some of  the harshest environments on the planet.

Our focus is on investment, not speculation. We are not looking for the quick fix and we don’t just cross our fingers hoping that real estate prices will double in the short term. We seek properties in markets with robust economic fundamentals. We increase property values by securing excellent tenants and optimizing revenues and operating costs.

We’re in it for the long haul. We minimize transaction costs by purchasing properties with the intention to hold for 5-15 years. And we select properties with strong cash-flow margins to provide a buffer against any volatility in the market. This approach gives us the ‘staying power’ we need to build real value patiently and consistently over time.

Clean and simple.

There is no great mystery. There is no complex formula. Just strong fundamentals, diligent management, rich relationships, clear communication, hard work, and patience are all we need to carry us through the cold winter months.

Flying in Formation

There is a certain collective intelligence that forms when transparency and collaboration are cherished as core values. There is also power in aligning ourselves with partners who share these values and share a passion for making a difference in our community.

When we put a project together, our partners engage at each stage of the process, with clear reporting, joint decision-making, and a focus on education. It is important that our partners understand the key performance indicators for each project. It is important that they understand the measures we will take to create value in a given project. All of our documentation and accounts are open book for our partners so that we can regularly evaluate progress as a team and make informed decisions.

We seek to partner with people of principle and integrity. We seek partners who have investment experience and some sophistication in understanding the risks and ups and downs of the market. We seek to partner with beautiful people who are masters of flight in their own respect. And together, we strive to enable the brilliance that such a community is capable of.

We are stronger together.