True assets 
are born of purpose.

Sparrow Capital represents a small collective of community-oriented investors. We build and operate commercial real estate assets to accommodate inspired entrepreneurs and enrich the cultural and economic fabric of our city.

Our premise is that meaningful investment in community ecosystems, if approached strategically, results in resilient assets, superior investment performance, and rich community.

Each new Sparrow project is designed to test principles of this ecosystem approach to urban development. Ultimately we aim to demonstrate the market viability and scalability of these principles and shift paradigms about what is possible in the evolution of our urban landscape.

The Brighton Block

Sparrow Capital has long contemplated the exciting potential of the Brighton Block as a historical icon and a catalyst to advance meaningful development in the Quarters District. In the summer of 2017, Sparrow partnered with Primavera Development Corp to help bring the vision to life for a full restoration of the property under the leadership of veteran developer Ken Cantor.

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