Your investments
can mean something.

A few years ago, a group of good people joined forces to build some assets. They were unhappy with the slick and secretive black boxes designed by financial institutions. They wanted to know where their money went and what their money did. They wanted their investments to be connected to their neighbourhoods and cities.

Sparrow Capital represents a small collective of investors who buy and operate commercial real estate with a strong emphasis on long-term cash flow, careful management, and open collaboration.  We've learned to build value by supporting local entrepreneurs whose businesses enrich the cultural fabric of their neighbourhoods.

By providing great commercial spaces in relevant locations, we enable entrepreneurs in our cities to bring their ideas to life. And the asset-backed cashflows  we cultivate together free Sparrow partners to pursue their own passions and contribute in their communities.

The Simple Things

The sparrow is not a flashy bird. It is not a peacock. It is not an eagle. It is devoid of pretense. And yet it has learned to adapt and thrive in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Our focus is on investment, not speculation. We are not looking for the quick fix or the short-term boom. We seek properties in markets with robust economic fundamentals and we increase property values by securing excellent tenants and optimizing revenues and operating costs.

Projects & Case Studies
Since 2012, we've built a lucrative portfolio of commercial and multi-family properties in Edmonton and Calgary.
The Heavy Lifting
There are good partners and there are great partners. Over the past few years we have built an outstanding team.
Nest Building 101
Sparrow Capital projects are guided by a set of defined investment principles and acquisition criteria.

Flying in Formation

There is a certain collective intelligence that forms where transparency and collaboration are cherished.

Through detailed reporting on a quarterly basis, we ensure that our partners are informed of the key metrics that will determine the success of each project. All of our documentation and accounts are open book for partners and accessible online for review at any time. We focus on education and understanding, and we evaluate our progress as a team. 

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