The Sparrow network serves a diverse community of thousands of stakeholders in Edmonton, from employees and partners to members, tenants, neighbours, and their families.

The Sparrow team is also engaged extensively with entrepreneurial and community leaders involved in several areas of entrepreneurial development, social impact, and community services in the Capital Region. 

Sparrow Community Services was incorporated in 2019 as a not-for-profit corporation to facilitate various community projects and to coordinate community events and programming. Over the years, Sparrow has hosted a roster of dozens of community gatherings, expeditions, and projects on an ad hoc basis.

Event Venue & Production Team

Sparrow is currently deploying an event venue on the 4th floor of Brighton Block under the management of Brighton Events. Sparrow and Brighton Block developed this venue to create a beautiful space for larger community gatherings.

The project also serves as an opportunity to build some excellent alliances and well-integrated dedicated event management capacities for our broader community.


Sparrow’s community gatherings are celebrations of our people, our shared endeavours, and our achievements; they cultivate unexpected encounters, nourish relationships, and weave the cultural fabric of our community together.

  • Community Stakeholder Forums
  • Team Gatherings & Retreats
  • Cowork & Entrepreneurship Events
  • Community Storytelling Events & Performances
  • Musical & Visual Arts Events & Performances
  • Long Table Community Dinners 
  • Neighbourhood Block Parties


Our community expeditions are outbound community events that allow us to take a cohort of local entrepreneurs and community stakeholders into extraordinary new environments that stimulate, inspire, and connect.

  • Festival Expeditions
  • Cultural Expeditions
  • Backcountry Expeditions
  • Inter-regional Community Leadership Gatherings
  • Inter-regional Entrepreneurial Leadership Gatherings

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